Dirty Salty Passion ( Amore Pacific ) Body mist

This perfume body mist is called Dirty Salty passion and right away I’m already liking it lol. The name of this fragrance is mysterious and seductive so I assume the scent will be as well. The brand is amore pacific and I already love their skincare so I knew I was going to love their body spray. The top note is eucalyptus, middle notes are rose and muguet, base notes amber and musk. It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle and has a luxurious appeal to it. Simple and basic but overall pretty. From my personal experience I find this fragrance to have a spicy warm scent. It has a floral smell with a musky kick to it. I really like it a lot. It sort of reminds me of Pacificas enchanted forest fragrance. The scent lingers on the body for a reasonable amount of time. I think I had to respray only twice throughout the day. I hope I get to try more of these fragrances from Fadore because I liked this particular one a lot. 

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