Diorskin forever undercover foundation on dark skin (swatches + demo)

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This week we’re going to get into the Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation. The brand sent over some of the deepest shades of their latest foundation formula at my request. You can see previous Dior foundation and makeup reviews here.

“Dior introduces its most extreme wear foundation yet with Diorskin Forever Undercover. This ultra-fluid, water-based foundation blends full coverage with a lightweight formula to deliver a natural, matte finish that goes from day to night.
Diorskin Forever Undercover contains the highest level of pigments out of all of Dior’s foundations—almost twice that of the original Forever Fluid Foundation—for even fuller coverage. The water-based formula creates an ultra-fine, highly-pigmented, and weightless finish on the skin, providing an imperceptible second skin for up to 24 hours*.”

This foundation is pretty amazing. For at least the last ten years, brands have been going into the labs to create full coverage foundations that feel totally weightless and I’m SO here for it. Many full coverage foundations today are not like their thick, heavy counterparts of last year. This is great because for those who like more coverage in your routine, you can get it and still get skin-like results with your foundation. This is true of Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation.
Shade Matching - My closest match is shade 70 Dark Brown described as “dark to very deep with neutral undertone.” I would definitely say the undertones on this one lean a little more red than neutral. I have neutral undertones and it read a little red on me, but not where it looked off. I could still pull it off even though it’s not as great of a match as Cover FX N110 is on me. I also appreciate that the slight warmth/redness in shade 70 leans more toward brightening than it does to make you look like a tomato. A girl can appreciate that…lol.

Now I don’t have the three deepest shades—I have three of the deeper shades. Their PR didn’t have shade 60 Mocha (described as “deep with neutral undertone”) to send, but they did send it in the Diorskin Star formula which I’ll swatch along with the others so you have an idea. Just keep in mind that Diorskin Star is a different formula from Diorskin Forever Undercover so the 60 could look a little bit different in the different formulas (things like water content in the formula can affect the way a shade looks in different formulas).

While I do think there is room to add more shades on the deeper end of the spectrum in Dior, I do think they did an okay job with the shades they do offer. Some of the shades can be flexible, meaning they can fit more people.
Application - Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation performs very well, too. I love how lightweight it feels and how easy it is to blend—you can use your fingers, a Beautyblender, a foundation brush, etc. and still get an amazing look.
Coverage & Finish - My skin still looked like my skin and it covered the few dark spots on my forehead and chin plus the natural discoloration I have on and around my eyelids and on the hollows of my cheeks very well. I have oily skin and I didn’t have to worry about a bunch of touch-ups, though I would have to see how it would fare in the warmer months.
Check out a quick demo of the foundation below. There’s no sound on this, so feel free to watch from almost anywhere.

Bottom line - Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation is a great-performing full coverage foundation that gives a matte skin-like finish and feels completely weightless. If you have discoloration you want to cover, this might be great to try. It says it’s for all skin types, but I can see those with drier, more textured skin perhaps prefering something that has more of a creamy texture.

P.S. If you’re looking for a drugstore-level version of this (it’s not an exact dupe, but they could be cousins who grew up in different states) check out the NYX Total Control Foundation. You can build up the coverage and it has a similar matte finish that still gives a real skin look, plus it has a larger shade range.

Price and where to buy: $52 at Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s and other fine department stores and at Dior.
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