Dior Lip Glow oil

Love this lip glow oil. More of a silky honey texture than oil. Doesn't spread into lines in mouth and you don't need to remove to reapply. Very moisturizing and the cherry color is not as glow in the dark as it looks. It is goes on light and within a minute turns about two shades darker than my natural lip color. I love this so much I haven't used any other lipstick or gloss since I got it.is a Absolutely must have 

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  • Kelly K

    Hmm this sounds very interesting. I would love to hear more about it or see what it looks like. Maybe like a before and after would be very helpful!

  • Sabrina

    It darkens, okay I wasn't expecting that level of awesome! You had me sold in the first part. Would love to try this. πŸ’œ

  • Rowi

    Please watch my videos and comment them😊