Dior Dream Skin Primer

I have to start by saying this is one of the best primers I've ever used. That says quite a bit coming from me, because I havent ever found a primer that does everything it says its going to do. I was blown away with this primer. I was a little stunned that it didn't come in a glass container, considering the price, and brand. However the actual product inside is gold. My skin is terribly dry, has dry patches, and acne issues. I was pleasantly surprised over time, how well this product took care of my skin. My face feels hydrated, dewy, and overall beautiful! This primer really helped my skin concerns, while making my makeup application look, and blend flawlessly! It doesnt stick to my dry patches either, which is super hard to find in a primer, with this consistency! First of all the packaging is very stunning, and luxury. Not to mention after you finish the bottle, you can buy a refillable pack for it. It's completely reusable, recyclable, and environment friendly. This is such a great idea for makeup companies, as I wish more would do this to save on the planet. I use this right after my moisturizer before foundation. I use about two pumps, because it completely fills in my pores, and acne scars that are left on my face. It's extremely hydrating, so I'd even consider using this as a moisturizer/primer. It feels so silky smooth after applied, that foundation just glides over your face. It feels a little dewy, but also a little matte. It's hard to explain, but it feels in between a silicone, and water based primer. I cant get over how silky your face feels after applied. It's extremely travel friendly, and you don't have to worry about it breaking on the go. It smells like a hint of rose, but not to overpowering. I'm not a rose smelling fan, but this smells extremely good. I honestly have to say I would reccomend this to all skin types! The price is extremely steep, but I feel like this will last you quite awhile. I would say at least two months. This was my first time trying Dior, and it blew me away! I'd be shocked to hear anyone say they didn't like it! This is my ultimate favorite primer to date this far! Last but not least, I'm so thankful to have received this to try, and review from Influenster!

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