Quick and Easy No Foundation Routine

Hi everyone CJ here with another video to my PrismPop account where I show you my go-to quick and easy foundation no foundation look! I use the infallible full coverage concealer by L’Oreal Paris! and the loose setting powder by Dermablend!
1️⃣I use the concealer with a concealer brush (for bacteria-free concealer) and place the product on the areas that I want to be covered such as acne. I use the brush because I feel like it places the product exactly where you need it
2️⃣I dab the brush and blend in the products so it looks like my skin and not just product on my face
3️⃣Place the concealer on my chin, the tip of my nose and my under-eyes and blend it in with the brush and my fingers
4️⃣I then take the setting powder and use the fluff inside the container to 
5️⃣I know the powder can make you look a little crazy or that it won’t blend out but it will give a beautiful finish!
💭Overall: This is such a quick and easy way to make yourself look amazing when you want to cover a blemish or if you just don't want to do a full face of foundation
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