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🐝 Day & Night Eyeshadow Looks with the Naked Honey Palette 🍯

🐝 I haven’t been able to take my hands off of the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette lately! The flattering warm mustard and gold tones are just….perfect. Here is a day-time look and more sultry night-time look with the same palette. (Check out the shade placements in the pictures! 👆)

Day-time Golden Fantasy 🤩✨
For this look, the star of the show is obviously Honey, a dreamy true-gold metallic. This fine metallic shadow layered beautifully in my inner lid, I decided to skip falsies and just use a subtle cat-eye and some mascara to compliment this blinding gold shade. In love with this gold, can’t wait to use it with my other gold look this fall.
Night-time Smoky-eye🌇
I wanted to challenge myself to stay away from the obvious shades in the palette and use the darker shades to create a sultry smokey eye. The shadows blended effortlessly to create an intense but seamless gradient. The shade Queenadded a subtle shimmer to the lid without taking away from the darkness of the overall look. I was pleasantly surprised by this shade combination. Now I know the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette is 100% a day-to-night palette. 

🐝Bottom Line- If you’ve been wanted a golden eyeshadow palette that is wearable but packs a much, this is it, you can stop searching. The versatility and performance is impeccable, props to Urban Decay for continuing to slay the eyeshadow game! 

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