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○Day 'n' Nite☆ Looks!

Hey Poppers!

I am finally uploading my first 2 looks with my To The Rescue palate!

I usually use neutral colors so both these looks were fun, new, and exciting for me.

☀️My first look I only used colors on the ⬅️left side of the palate. My first color is Yosemite and I used this as my base color as well. I then blended in Zuma and finished my lids with Pepper. I added a little little pop of Firefly to the inside of my lids finish off the look.

🌌For my second look I only used colors on the ➡️right side of the palate. I started off with Sadie and blended Pretty Girl into that. I than used Thatcher. Thats when things got a little messy for me. The colors are super rich and dark so I wasnt really sure how to make them work for me. I added some Confetti to help brighten up the look in the inner corner of my eyes. I would of def preferred this look with some thick or long lashes. I feel that would of wrapped it all up!

I am so excited to do more looks with this!

⬇️Comment below with looks you think I should do next!⬇️

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