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Day and Night Look.

Let me just say that the Organic Skin Co has the best cream eyeshadows that I have ever used. I had received the shades, Silhouette and Greenstone. Silhouette is a light grey shade and Greenstone is a vibrant dark green shade. Other cream eyeshadows that I have purchased in the past, always seem to crease a lot on my eyelids. But the Organic Skin Co cream eyeshadows didn't. The eyeshadows stayed on my eyelids all day. They did crease a little but not a lot. I got compliments from my aunt. She liked how the eyeshadows worked well together and I agree. Wow! The cheeky lip pod really complimented my skin tone. It was easy to blend, melted on the skin perfectly and the shade that I received is Desert Storm. Desert Storm is a beautiful shade and it goes well with any eye look in my opinion. Didn't leave any patches or streaks at all as I was applying it to my cheeks. Goes well on top of powder as well. Also, it felt hydrating on the lips too. Wearing the eyeshadows with the cheeky lip pod together makes me feel as if I was in the 60's. Nice! 😘 Lastly the Calendula and Turmeric Cream is now one of my favorite moisturizers and I use it every day. It does not have a smell and didn't make my skin break out with acne. Like other moisturizers have in the past. The cream actually helped my makeup stay on all day and didn't make my foundation crease at all. I also apply the cream to my arms, legs and feet. I noticed that the cream lasted better on my skin, than other moisturizers that I tried in my life. In my TikTok video, I first applied a mattifying concealer on my eyelids and set it with a lighter eyeshadow shade to make the base bright. Then a took the shade Silhouette and applied it all over the eyelid and blended it out. I also took a yellow, beige undertone eyeshadow shade and used it to blend the edges a little. After I have done that, I then use the shade Greenstone as an eyeliner and made a winged eyeliner. Lastly I applied mascara. For the cheeky lip pod, I applied it to my cheeks first and then my lips. Both the eyeshadows and the cheeky lip pod shades went well together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try the products out and being able to share my experience with others. Thank you Prismpop and the Organic Skin Co.

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