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Day 25 with Collective Laboratories Activating Serum

Here it is. The final check in. So, what did I think?

I want to love it, but I'm still undecided.

Hair fall: I am starting to see a bit less hair fall. It's gone from a high of around 30-60 strands coming out when I do my daily haircare routine to about 25-50 strands. It's unrealistic to expect zero hair fall, but I don't want handfuls of hair coming out when I'm washing my hair. This is a step in the right direction.

Hair Growth: I don't think this has accelerated growth, but it does seem to continue the growth I saw when I started using a homemade Lavender/Rosemary/Peppermint (and some other hair-friendly oils) scalp spray. I do think the DIY spray kickstarted my growth (before I started the spray it didn't seem like I had any growth; I was asked if I had gotten a haircut during lockdown as the length hadn't seemed to change in months) and this serum has kept it going.

New Growth: I'm not sure. I've been looking at the high res versions of the days 1,14, and 25 photos to see if I see anything new and I really can't tell.

Pros: My hair does look good after using it. I think it makes a great overnight dry shampoo alternative. (I didn't think it did much immediately after I applied it to my scalp, but if I apply it before I go to bed my hair looks great the next day). I do think it helps a bit with oil control as well.

Cons: At $39 for one ounce, it is a little on the pricier side. Results for new hair growth and reduction in hair fall are still kind of wait and see after a month. (They do say results can take up to 3 months). Also, it's a little difficult to get all over the scalp as the serum is a bit viscous.

Overall thoughts: I'm glad I gave this a try and I'm hopeful. Because there's currently a 50% discount with code PRISMPOP (case sensitive!) I'm going to purchase another bottle and give it another month to see if there's any further reduction in hair fall and improvement in new hair growth.

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