Trying the Cucumber Face Mask by the Face Shop!

Hi everyone Heather here with first video to my PrismPop account where I try on the Cucumber Face Mask by The Face Shop!
🖌Application: Place it on your face like any other sheet mask just be cautious because this mask has a lot of product and is super drippy!
🥒Smells amazingly similar to cucumber which is nice and pleasant and not over whelming. 
⏳I left it on for 15 minutes
☁️On my face the mask feels amazing and when I took it off there was still so much product on my face
💦Really felt my skin was hydrated and was such a nice mask to have on my face
⭐️I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to have a quick self care hydration night. 
💭Overall: This mask really did hydrate my skin, I liked the smell and think that it was such a nice relaxing 15 minutes.
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