Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer Is My New Go-To

Hello beauties and welcome to my last post of 2017! Few months back, Covergirl released the Vitalist Elixir foundation and now they added some more exciting products to this line. Today I will be reviewing the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer and Powder. 

This concealer comes in a twistable pen with a soft brush. It is available in six different shades and I tried the shade ‘fair’ which is the lightest one. The color has a yellow undertone and the formula is very lightweight and liquidy.

It blends easily into the skin giving a light coverage. It looks very natural under the eyes and never too cakey or heavy. It didn’t crease on me even without setting it with any powder which is great too.

Nothing glittery or sparkly but I can definitely see the shimmer if I look very close to a mirror, when the sun hits my face. The reason for that is maybe because, according to the Covergirl website, this concealer is supposed to brighten the complexion! I will still keep using it because I love the formula and the color is a great match for me but I know so many people don’t like shimmery concealers that’s why I thought I’d mention that!

This powder comes in four different shades: Classic IvoryBuff Beige,  Medium Beige and  Warm beige.
I tested the shade ‘ Buff Beige’ which is light warm brownish beige. Unfortunately, this shade is dark for me so I like to use it as a light bronzer.

The formula is very soft, creamy and lightweight. It is not heavily pressed so a synthetic powder brush might grab a lot of product at once which is more than you need. A little bit goes a very long way so it is better to tap of the excess or tap the brush on your hand before applying the powder to the face. It is mattifying and it sets the makeup nicely without looking heavy or cakey.

And that’s it! These were all my thoughts on the new Covergirl Vitalist collection additions! They also have some new highlighters which I will be reviewing in another post so stay tuned!
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