COVER FX POWER PLAY CONCEALER | Wear Test & Demo (Oily Skin)

Hello it's Sam. Today I'll be testing and showing a demo of the Cover FX Power Play Concealer. 
I have really oily skin, lots of texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. I have a hard time with foundations and concealers because of my oily skin, so I'm interested in seeing how this will work. 

It's a crease proof formula with 30 inclusive shades for correcting brightening and contouring. 
Hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free, vegan.
It contains 0.33 ounces, which is the same as Tarte Shape Tape. 

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  • Jennifer Henning

    Love this!!! You look beautiful. That eyeshadow really makes your eyes pop. The make-up looks great and that's awesome you still looked great 12hrs later! Nice!

  • Lauren Velasco

    thank you so much for showing it through out the day and how it wears! I've wanted to give this a try but was hesitant cause of the price but your video makes me feel more comfortable trying out after seeing you wear it through the day! Thank you!!

  • Rebecca Hatfield

    Perfect video

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