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👍Overview - The Cover Fx Illuminating Setting Spray gives a beautiful sheen to foundation that helps mesh everything together and lock it into place. It sets very fast and won't slip slide or feel heavy and tacky.
I find it makes matte foundation look less dry and cakey and more skin-like and natural. It does a really nice job of making setting powder look less powdery. The finish feels slightly rubbery and very lightweight.
👃Scent and Glow - There is no fragrance or alcohol - big thumbs up for that. Suspended in the liquid are mica particles. I'd say be sure to shake your bottle before use and don't spray a ton of layers.
 I appreciate this spray as I often have dry skin and lots of matte foundation so I can achieve the sheen of a dewy foundation and the long wear of a matte foundation. You may even want to consider opting for this over a dewy foundation which are often heavier on skin and tend to slide around. 
Application - The spray nozzle comes out as a fine mist. You don't need to worry about having to hold it far away from your face to avoid the dreaded drops all over (apparently their matte setting spray nozzle is not like this). The application is incredibly thin and even, so ideal for makeup artists who need a something they can trust to not overdo it.
Next time you're in Sephora, go test out the bottle if you've never experienced a proper spray. Why aren't all setting sprays this fine of a mist!? Now everything else seems subpar.
💕I'm so happy with it. I want to try the other 3 ones they have now, I think I might like them even more! I've heard they are all great. You can buy this for $31 USD and $39 CAD at the Cover FX website and Sephora.

💯 100% recommend.


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