Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray Review

My Review: I’ve been on a Cover FX kick lately, maybe it’s because they have so many illuminating products coming out and I’ve made it my mission to be a glowing goodness this spring. I picked up the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray as soon as it was released.

❤️ GIRL! Cover FX was not playing any games when they released this spray. I am OBSESSED! This may be my favorite illuminating/ highlighting product EVER. That’s a bold statement but I just can’t help it, I love this stuff.
The product claims to do a lot, and it delivers on almost all of it claims. Ok before I go off the deep end let me focus on the actual product. The illuminating spray is powerful, like you NEED to spray this 8-10” away from your face or else you will look like a fairy…like not in a good way. Also, the sprayer is so powerful that it WILL get in your hair and on your clothes, giving them an instant glow as well (the spray is even on my watch in the pic below). This is not the desired effect but the spray itself is so good that I don’t care.

⭐ So my point is, spray this way away from your face, and before you get dressed and you’ll be fine. Now that I am writing this I realize that you have to prepare yourself to use this product so that may not be ideal for everyone.
⭐The finish is mega POW luminous and it dries almost instantly. It feels very light on the skin, and even with the powerful sprayer, the finish is very even and not spotty at all.
💡 Ok so for the downfalls; this stuff is STRONG. I’ve been using it every day and I still haven’t gotten the hang of how to not get it everywhere. You’ve got to shake it up (as the directions say), and spray it waaaaaay away from your face. Other than that, the finish is so gorgeous that I can’t stop using it. My only issues are that the glow lasts most of the day but not all day as it claims. Wearing it, I still get a little oily in the my T-zone after about 6 hours. I have to use a blotting sheet 1-2 times over a 12 hour period, which isn’t too bad.
Review Update as of 1/2018: I still absolutely love the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray. It gives a really pretty finely misted glow without being glittery, and doesn’t make me oily. I haven’t found very many “illuminating” beauty products that don’t add to my shiny t-zone so this product is a true gem for me. I highly recommend it and use it often.

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