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I’ve purchased countless different brands of conditioner mostly for one of my daughters (she’s biracial and has very curly, dry, and thick hair). A lot of them worked pretty good, Pantene is pretty good but then I came across this one. It has all the right ingredients for biracial (black/white) hair texture which regular conditioners usually do not. They’re more for average hair so for her I shop in a different section where the products are specifically designed to condition and repair her particular type of hair type. I wash her hair once maybe twice a week depending on if it needs a second washing that week. Then I apply about a tablespoon of this revitalizing conditioner all over her hair and let it sit for about 3 minutes. For biracial hair it’s so important to let the conditioner sit. Then I use a wide tooth comb or a brush that has soft and widespread bristles to brush the tangled out while the conditioner is still in and her hair is still wet (always brush biracial hair when wet!). Then I rinse and braid her hair to keep it from tangling while she sleeps. Now about the product itself. I buy it from Walmart and it’s not very expensive either (I have bought some that were $15+ and although they worked well, they were more expensive than this product which works just as well as something you’d pay $20 for). It makes removing tangles extremely easy to do, it leaves her hair soft and shiny, and it remains soft and shiny the next day as well. It has sea kelp, a mineral rich nutrition that smoothies the hair cuticles. Argan oil that restores shine and Shea butter that moisturizes while conditioning. It’s also sulfate free and color safe. Not to mention, it smells really good too! It can also be used as a leave in conditioner (we’ve done this as well and I love it for that too), contains all natural products and it isn’t tested on animals! I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen this exact same product in The Dollar Tree!

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  • Sarah

    Thanks for posting! I really like this brand, all products I've tried by them have been great

  • Melissa Griffith

    Wow, this is a really good, very informative review. Love that you detailed how to care for the hair. Will be trying this out on my daughters hair.