Concealer Magic Star Concealer and Setting Powder Review | Dark Skin

WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL!! Hey guys, I was so excited to make this video lowkey. This was my first purchase from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I am absolutely in LOVE! If you haven't gotten the new Magic Star Concealer and Setting Powder yet you've gotta go get it. It's legendary.

Magic Star Concealer

🎨 It comes in 31 Shades, three of which are color correctors (white, green, peach). They have different shades and undertones. I am using Shade C24, which is my highlight shade.

⭐The Packaging is very pretty and it has that fancy tip that scoops out a lot of product so you can cover everything in one application.

⭐ It feels very soft and is super easy to apply. It blended out really easily as well.

⭐ I applied it under my eyes, my chin, forhead, nose bridge, and cupid's bow and blended it out with a beauty blender and a brush.

⭐ I think the beauty blender gave an easier application than a brush, but the brush gave me more radiance.

Magic Star Setting Powder
I also tried the Magic Star Setting Powder in Suede. It's the darkest shade out of 8! I used this to set all the concealer on my highlighted areas and on my smile lines.

🌹 The Cotton Candy scent smells reaaally good.

⭐ It's not cakey and it gives a flawless finish.

🎨 The color matches my skintone, but doesn't give me the highlight I want under my eyes, etc. I think this color would be best as an all-over setting powder. Thanks for watching!

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  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Your skin tone just glows and pops with the eye shadow and lip gloss! Gorgeous!

  • Katrice

    I like how the color matched your tone so perfectly and it looks like it was easy to apply. I'm looking for something to help cover some imperfections as well.

  • Robin Bell

    Oh my goodness that looks like a fantastic concealer. I honestly was not even aware that there was a line of concealers in this brand but I’m definitely checking them out now.

  • Ja-Nee

    Wow. Looks amazing. I have the hardest time with trying to conceal. It always creases and shows my wrinkles which is so frustrating. It looks so amazing on you.

  • Ruby Lee

    Your beautiful love your video


    Wow that really looked like you were putting silk on your face! I could see the softness for real! Great video!

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