Look 1 colourpop yes please palette review swatches look
Look 2 colourpop yes please palette review swatches look
Look 3 colourpop yes please palette review swatches look
Look 5 colourpop yes please palette review swatches look
Look 6 eye look
Look 7 full face


🌇Shortly after Natasha Denona came out with the ‘Sunset Eyeshadow Palette’ (along with the hefty price tag of $129 USD) Colourpop swooped in and gave us a more affordable alternative.
⭐The ‘Yes Please’ palette ($16 USD) includes 12 pressed powder shadows that mimics the theme of the Natasha Denona palette.
Each shadow contains 0.85 g of product, compared to a standard MAC eyeshadow single, which contains 1.5 g of product (I had heard people mention that the shadows in this palette were smaller than they expected – I’d say they’re about the size of a nickel).
⭐The shadows (matte and metallic finishes) are a dream.  They pick up so easily on a brush, they blend beautifully, and the price is right!  And I’m absolutely obsessed with the look I created.  I have zero complaints!
Clearly I have been sleeping on Colourpop’s pressed shadows.  So tell me in the comments below, what shades do I need to pick up on my next order?

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  • Marley

    I just recently tried color pop! Im curious to work with the eyeshadows !

  • haku izunami

    also can i just say yes please for me! i like this palette especially its the perfect palette for me i really want to try that copper color.

  • haku izunami

    omg that looks amazing on you! i seriously want that palette though and this brands colors are super pigmented and blends really well

  • Ashley Hunt

    I have been thinking of buying this palette but I own the Violet Voss Pro HG and alot of the colors are similar.

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