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ColourPop Mauve Collection Swatches & Deals - TL;DR Beauty

Colourpop’s “Making Mauves” is a Cool-Toned Soft Glam Collection containing a new eyeshadow palette, 2 new Super Shock Shadows, 2 New Blushes and 2 New Lux Glosses.
Finding these one by one can be time consuming, so we shortened it up into TL;DR for your convenience - and ours!
Here’s a breakdown of everything available, including prices and bundling options. Enjoy! ~
Eyeshadows (Slide 2)
1. Making Mauves Eyeshadow Palette: 9-Pan Pressed Powder - $14
shade breakdown:
-  r&r: pale muted matte pink
- solitaire: soft matte mauve
- big moves: soft matte lilac
- bicoastal: metallic pink ivory
- a la mode: true mauve with pinpoints of silver and copper pearl
- mauve on top: metallic icy rose
- tongue tied: matte mauve with pinpoints of silver and violet pearl
- marquee: muted matte plum
- big fig: mid-tone dusty lavender
2. "Merci Bouquet" Super Shock Eyeshadow Duo $10 for 2 Super Shock Shadows
- Bloomer is the darker rose shimmer.
- Daytrippin’ is the paler pink sparkle.
Merci Bouquet SSS Duo shades are only available in this duo set or in a larger bundle from the collection, NOT as individual shades.
Slide 3: Gloss & Blush Swatches - all $8 each, individually
1. Lip Glosses - $8 each
- Check-In: warm mauve with a silver sheen (Move For Me Collection)
- Figgy Wit It: cool mauve with pinpoints of silver and gold pearl (Plain Jayne Collection)
2. Blush - $8 each
- Catch My Vibe: matte pale baby pink (Plain Jayne Collection)
- Coast to Coast: matte soft mauve (Move For Me Collection)
Note about blush: only available in singles, not as duos. If you want both blushes bundled, you’ll want to get the full Ride With The Mauve Collection. If you want both glosses and the Palette, consider the ASAP Mauve set.
Slide 4: Larger Bundles
1. Top: “Ride With the Mauve Full Collection” - $49
- contains all mentioned products; both blushes, both glosses, the SSS’s and the Eyeshadow Palette
The bottom two are like abbreviated versions of the full collection; each contains only one blush and one lip gloss, along with the Making Mauves Palette and Merci Bouquet Super Shock Shadow Duo. 
2. “Move For Me” Collection - $34
- Blush: Coast to Coast
- Lip Gloss: Check-In
3. “Plain Jayne” Collection - $34
- Blush: Catch My Vibe
- Lip Gloss: Figgy Wit It
Smaller Bundles (Slide 5)
1. “ASAP Mauve” - $26
- Making Mauves Eyeshadow Palette
- Both Glosses; Check-In and Catch My Vibe
2. “Merci Bouquet” Super Shock Shadow Duo - $10 
- (already mentioned but just in case you missed it)
3. “Bouquet of Neutrals” 3-Palette Set - $39
- Nude Mood: warm-toned neutrals  
- Blush Crush: romantic mauves
- Making Mauves: cool-toned mauves
Each Eyeshadow Palette is $14 if purchased individually.
So, now that you’ve seen the full collection and all the bundles, which affordable new makeup set would you wanna try?
Colourpop stans, let me know what you think of this collection! Are you buying any? Did you get some before they sold out? What are your faves??
UPDATE: Fellow Colourpop fans, we will have to wait to get these beauties in our own hands. Due to COVID-19, Colourpop is taking a break from fulfilling orders. Bummer, but we get it! Stay safe out there. We'll build our wish lists until you're back! ❤️

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  • Fernanda Leite

    So pretty!! 💕

  • Jamie

    The colors look amazing, would love to try!

  • Jennifer Henning

    Move For Me Mauve Makeup Set and Plain Jayne Mauve Makeup Set are beautiful especially the colors. I love the colors of both these sets. Ride With The Mauve Collection also in love with because of the products and amazing colors, it's all stuff I wear that's similar to these products. Really like Coast to Coast Pressed Powder Blush from what I read it helps brighten your reflection plus the colors seem spot on for the color I'd use for my blush. Also looking for a new blush would love to purchase this brand. The ASAP Mauve Set is soooo tempting to buy because once again I love and wear similar colors and love the colors for the lip gloss, also need new lip wear for myself, its been a while since I've had decent lipsticks or lip gloss. Figgy Wit It Lux Gloss is really nice looking and for $8 bucks I don't think that's too bad just wondering how long it will last me, but the colors are amazing.

  • Karie

    Living for these mauves...omg..I want them all

  • Rebecca

    Definitely NEED this palette!!😍😍

  • nancy ruiz

    Cute collection I would like to try everything

  • Brittany

    Would love to try 😍😍

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    I swear i am dying for this collection..

  • Valeta Short

    This has been my favorite one I've seen so far.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    All these plums, mauves and pinks are making my face hungry for color. I'll be on cloud nine as soon as I get this collection.

  • Katherine

    Omg i love

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Just love all the colors

  • Jennifer Zurawel

    Loving the colors in this palette! The whole collection! Mauve is a color i really like because it makes my eyes pop! Definitely going to check this out.

  • Marie infante

    Great colors to choose from

  • amanda barber

    absolutely stunning!!!!

  • Pauline

    I like mauve color. I am fair skin type and can wear this color out. I am in to win for this color makeup collection.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    wow the colors are amazing ! would love to get my hands on all these. thanks for the breakdown.

  • Valerie Galvan


  • Y-D-O-J

    Omg amazing colors and they POP so pretty and bright!! Would love to try these! Amazing review! Very well reviewed for sure! Thank you!

  • Kate D.

    Thank you so much for the extremely thorough review. This is one of the palettes on my wishlist. I really love the shades. It's a really pretty palette. I love ColourPop's palettes and their eyeshadow formula. They are always very reasonable priced, and the eyeshadow formula is so creamy, buttery, easy to blend, and has great color payoff. I've never been disappointed by any of their products. I'll certainly need to pick up this palette when I'm able to afford more goodies! :)

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I would love to receive one of these and I can wait due to virus after all I have no plans and I have stuff to use up.

  • Tia kitchens

    I purchased this collection from colourpop even though I have been trying to use up some items I already have 😬 when they announced the mauve collection I jumped immediately and I am so glad that I purchased this collection. I have to say I have drugstore products and some high end products and at the moment I reach for this over anything I own. It’s beautiful! Talk about spring, summer and fall vibes 🥰

  • Donna Brodie

    Those mauves are stunning!!!! That is definitely on my list!!!

  • SweetPea V :)

    Liking Bicoastal, Al a Mode! Very pretty, good mix of matte and glitter, fairly priced!

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Wow... Beautiful colors