Colourpop Bye Bye Birdie Palette Review 💖🦚

Hi everyone! Today I am going to review Colourpop's Bye Bye Birdie Palette. I've had this palette in my possession for quite some time. I thought that I'd share some love!

🤩📦Packaging: Can I just say ... this product is gorgeous! The attention to detail is immaculate and the peacock feathers make the entire palette pop. To be honest, the packaging was half of the reason I purchased this product. What can I say? I love pretty things. The pearls were my addition - I thought that they paired well with the palette! But seriously ... this palette is beautiful. I'm obsessed. The pinks are so pretty. Also, I love the names of the shades! They're all related to different birds. For example, one shade is called "Fly By Night," while another is called "Finch." How creative!

😂👃🏻Scent: Being an eyeshadow palette ... this product doesn't have a smell, but hey - that's to be expected! It'd be off-putting if it DID have a smell. Fragrance is harsh on the skin.

💄💞 Ease of Use: This palette is very beginner friendly! I don't wear eyeshadow very often and I found that the array of colors was more than enough. They allow consumers to create countless looks! There are several matte and shimmery shades. My only complaint is that some shades are not intended for the eye area (about 3 out of 16 shades). These shades are called "Ruffled," "Emuse Me," and "Heron Chic." Nonetheless, I'll still probably use them. They're too pretty to leave in the palette. Pictured below are closeups of the palette itself so you can better see the shade names.

✨👍🏻 Effectiveness: The colors pack and blend well. They apply very easily with little-to-no fallout. Want a bolder look? Wet your brush before packing the colors. Your looks will be much more vibrant. Who doesn't love some extra sparkle? I know I do! You can't go wrong with glitter.

💁🏻💓Other: I would definitely recommend this product to others. It speaks for itself! My only complaint is the price. For such a small product, it's pretty expensive ($18). Being my first purchase from Colourpop, I expected it to be bigger.

😄👍🏻 Pros:

- Pretty packaging (or should I say STUNNING packaging?)

- Beginner friendly; easy to use regardless of experience

- Variety of shades; 16 total

- Effective; blends well

- Little-to-no fallout; shades pack very well

😔👎🏻 Cons

- Some shades are "not intended for the eye area" (3 out of 16 shades)

- Small; slightly expensive for the size of the palette ($18)

😍💕 Final Impression: Despite the cons, I love it!

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  • Pauline

    This was especially nice eyeshadow palette Bye Bye Birdie for eye shadowing and as a cheek highlighter on the face. You can also blend dark and light shades together. Pinks and purples to work with and sparkles too. I liked this palette from Colorpop.

  • Kelly K

    Wait how is an eyeshadow not for the eye? Another person posted that she had bought an $68 eyeshadow and that 75% of the shades stated that they shouldn't be used around the eye. It wasn't this pallets but I told her the same thing. I would be very upset if I spent that much money on an "eyeshadow" palette and most of the shades couldn't even be used for the purpose of eyeshadow. Anyway, I just think that's crazy. Great review though. Nice details!

  • Sabrina

    What a wonderful review! I love the sparkle in the picture! 💜