Color Club Polish Review Shade "Cobbler Gobbler"

The square small bottle with the brand initials on the top. Everything!! This packaging is absolutely stunning. It is very easy to open and hold. Very cute.

Oh, before I begin on this color... I must say, removing the other color was very easy to do. No hard scrubbing or dipping into the polish remover a lot. Very easy to take off.

But, I once again applied a thick one layer. And it once again applied so smooth and not clumpy. It is the perfect consistency. It applies easily and smoothly. And it seems to dry fairly quick. And I have had this color on for a few hours now and still no Nick's, no marks, no "I can see your nail spots". 

The color is very bright and orange/peach in color to me. 

It of course has the strong polish smell. But, as I said before...beauty=pain/stinky smells.  And it feels so soft now that it is on my nails and dry. And has a beautiful shine. I added no top coat. I believe that one is not needed. 

Would I recommend this brand for your next polish purchase....YES!!  💯

It's a great polish, it's a great price, and you won't be disappointed at all. 

They have lots of gorgeous colors. And the names they give them are fun and very creative and different. 

Today's color is "Cobbler Gobbler". Yesterday's color was "Feeling Under the Weather" And tomorrow's color will be "Martian,Martian,Martian"

See the name's are just so fun.

So, I hope this post helps you the next time you go to purchase your next polish. 

⭐Reach for the Stars⭐

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  • theresa

    i love corals for summer and spring i even wear it in winter ! corals are tough to remove on nails as you know. you said this was easy to remove so now i gotta try this

  • Jessica

    I'm really starting to love this color🙄😍