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Color Club, my newest obsession! - Martian, Martian, Martian 👽

This polish is a gorgeous minty sage green that is the perfect fit for spring or summer! I love that it only takes one coat of this polish to get that gorgeous deep color that takes three to four of other brands. 
The drying time is super quick, it only takes about five minutes versus half an hour with my older polishes that I've tried. Not to mention the amazing color stays on without chipping for an entier two weeks and I always have my hands in water doing dishes. That to me is the most important factor becuase I have little time to keep retouching or repolishing my nails every week. 
The scent of the polish is a typical polish one but it doesn't really linger as long as others do and I don't even have to use a topcoat to get a gorgeous shine on. I love that this polish is matte looking but has a gloss to it when out in the sun. This by far is my favorite brand of polishes now.

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