Color Club is Taking Over the Nail Polish Game!

Hey Prismpoppers!
I swatched 5 colors from Color Club’s nail polishes! 
After only one coat, the polishes gave great coverage, but I went ahead and applied two coats (and only two coats) for all polishes! You’ll see that the color payoff is amazing! 
I did not use a top coat so you can see the true finish of each polish. 
Nail Prep: 
Before applying the polishes, I cleaned up my cuticles, filed my nails, washed my hands and made sure my nails were completely dry and without any oil (from touching my hair or anything.) 
The bottle is thick, rectangular and sturdy, while the brushes are semi-wide (as opposed to thin brushes) so they are able to paint at least half of my nail-bed in one brush stroke.
The following are the colors I swatched:
- Martian, Martian, Martian: This is a sage green and has a glossy finish! 
- Feeling Under the Weather: This shade is greyish-blue and has a glossy finish! This color is from the “Calm Before the Storm” Collection. 
- Yes, of Quartz: This polish is iridescent, and it’s part of the “Aura Energy” Collection. 
- Cobbler Gobbler - This is a “sherbet”  orange, and it looks like a fun neon, summer color! This is part of the “Fresh Picked” Collection. 
- Matte-erial Girl: This color is a rose gold/copper and it dries matte while still looking metallic. This is part of the “Matte-fied Metallics” Collection! 
I am very impressed with the quality of these polishes! I save money by doing my own home manicures, so I will definitely invest in more Color Club polishes since I know they are worth it! 
The nail polish that I kept on for a few days after filming didn’t start chipping at the tips until an entire 5 days later, even though I didn’t use a top coat! That’s some good stuff! 
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