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Collective Labs Revive Serum WEEK 1-4

I've had some family emergencies that have kept me from posting but here we are!!

Opening the package I thought wow! How cute is this? The bottle is so sleek and made of glass! The packaging is so simple but so classy! The box this came in is just perfect to showcase such a beautiful product!

Now opening the serum, I smelled it because who doesn't smell products? Whether it goes in your hair or face, etc I always smell whatever I use on my body, the fragrance was kind of chemical-smelling so I thought IMO, it isn't a heavy fragrance but it's not to light either I don't think it's very pleasant though, so that is something to note if you don't like fragrances I think it is the ingredients used in the product. 

Now inspecting the box and stock card that came in the box, I love how the full ingredients is listed on the stock card and the directions is on the bottle, it makes it super easy for anyone new trying to this to use!

Applying this to my hair now, I not only applied at roots but also I dropped it into my hand and then rubbed my hands at my scalp. It felt kinda minty fresh so to speak but I also noticed a instant volume in my hair. Mind you each time I've applied my hair has been dry. 

Overusing this product for 4 weeks I haven't noticed much of a difference. Maybe I'm not using it correctly? I am applying daily. But hoping to see results more so when the winter time come because my scalp usually gets very dry sometimes I even get dandruff therefore I'm super excited to use this when it peaks!

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