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Collective Laboratories Serum Week Two

Well, I already wrote this look post out once and uploaded it, and it is not showing on my dashboard, so I am going to TRY to remember what I said.

As I finish up week two using Collective Laboratories Activating Serum with Ginseng and Biotin, I have to say I can't really see much difference. I definitely haven't noticed any new growth yet, however, I no longer have my thyroid gland, which makes my hair fall out, not grow, so it may not be the serum's fault. At any rate, I am going to remain hopeful, and continue using the serum as directed. I think I will begin applying it all the way around my hairline as well, and see if I can get any "babyhairs" to grow back. My forehead has been turning into a "fivehead" and it is driving me crazy! Fingers crossed!!!

I will say, my hair at least FEELS thicker, and I haven't noticed any  of the "warming sensation" they mentioned... maybe I am not using enough? I will try doubling my application! Stay tuned, same bat time, same channel, for next week's update on my adventures with Collective Laboratories!

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