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Collective Laboratories revive Activating Serum for the win

Ok, so I got mine late, not off to a great start. But for the 3 weeks I did get to use the serum, I was intrigued, yes, but honestly I never really expect much. I wouldn’t say I can see little hairs growing or anything. And I don’t know if it made my hairs thicker or stimulated new hair growth, but I just noticed that my hair was less sparse. Maybe it’s all in my imagination, but I’ll take it. And it did not go away once I stopped using it. I don’t know if it works, but it feels nice. I haven’t had any issues and sometimes my skin can be temperamental. It smells nice, but the scent isn’t strong and didn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t even really smell it unless I was trying to straight out of the bottle. The dropper was nice and it was easy to use. And the glass bottle was very quality and didn’t seem like it would be easy to shatter or anything. All in all, hey, I can’t argue with results. I’d definitely recommend. 👍🏻👍🏻

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