Neutral Eye Look with Cocoa Blend Palette by Zoeva

Hey, everyone, it’s Hiue! Herewith my second video on PrismPop!! 🥰
Today I am going to be trying for the first time the Cocoa Blend Voyager Eyeshadow Palette by Zoeva!
🧐 First impression: I love the colors in this palette are great for a neutral look with a little shimmer.
🖌 Application: I apply the white shade all over my lids as a base shade. Then I add a shimmery shade to the outer parts of my eyes. The colors are really nice but they aren't very good at blending. 
💭 Final Thought: Shimmers where my favorite in the palette, however, there was some fallout and the mattes were the best in the application process. 
Overall I have mixed feelings about this palette. 
🤔 Have you tried this palette? Will you try it after my first impressions and review? 
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👀Stay tuned for my next video where I try a new mascara!

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