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My First Colourpop Purchase - Cloud Dye Shadow Palette Vault

I have a confession to make...this is my first Colourpop purchase! Considering that I'm a palette-o-holic I'm not sure what took me so long to order something from this brand. However, after seeing ads for the Hocus Pocus launch (which I would die to have any item from) I knew I had to browse the site. I came across this gorgeous Cloud Dye set and knew I had to review this!
I swatched every shade and did one look from each palette. *I did not use concealer* under the colors when creating my eye looks so that I would have a true first impression. *I applied the swatches 2-3 times on my arm because 1 swipe was just not enough to see the shades in the natural light. 
Aura & Out Review
Out of all 3 palettes, I was the most intimidated by this color story. I thought the pastel yellow/green-blue tones might not jive well with my pale skin tone...but I gave it a shot on my eyes. Let me tell you, I fell in LOVE. While I may not wear this palette for an everyday look, I know I'll jump at the next chance to pair these colors with an outfit. This comes with 5 mattes (sparkle and non-sparkle), 1 supershock shadow in Soul Sister, 2 metallics, and 1 pressed glitter. The metallic shades are pretty on their own, but they have even more of a *pop* when used as a topper for a matte shade. The blues, greens, and yellows all blended together well in color harmony. This daring palette is only $12 by itself. 
Miss Bliss Review
This palette gives off sweet and enchanting vibes! Mattes, metallics, and pressed glitter all placed together to create a beautiful orange & pink color story. All the formulas blend very well with each other and look lovely. The only drawbacks are some fallout with the mattes, lots of glitter mess when using face wipes or applying (which I expected), and no deep colors for definition. For some reason, the shade Optimist didn't show up well enough on camera to reflect how shimmery it looked all over my lid. Other than that, this palette only retails for...drumroll please...$12! If you love these colors and want to play around with the formulas I definitely suggest getting this. It comes with 6 mattes (sparkle and non-sparkle), 1 pressed glitter, and 2 metallic shades. 
In A Trance Review
This palette is full of wonderful formula surprises. Not only is this a beautiful blue & violet color story but it also includes 5 matte shades (sparkle and non-sparkle), 2 shimmers, 1 pressed glitter, and 1 supershock shadow in shade Clarity. I've never been drawn to blues or purples before, but I really loved the pastel look of these colors. The supershock shade I had to go over a few times for a swatch picture, but wearing it as an eyeshadow topper...WOW! This retails for $12 dollars and gives off fairytale, ice queen, or mermaid vibes!
Is the $34 Vault Worth it?
I've tried a lot of different eyeshadow palettes, and I have to say this is the least I've spent for the most rewarding purchase. Not only are all of these shades extremely pigmented, but you get 27 gorgeous colors in 3 two-toned palettes. The best part? All of the colors in this collection are very harmonious together; meaning you can create endless looks using a combination of colors. One thing to remember is that these shades do have quite a bit of fallout. If you've ever used Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette the matte fallout is very similar to that. I would also suggest using an eyeshadow primer or concealer under these shades so that have an even bigger impact. Overall, I think this was a great purchase because I have no other colors like these and it was relatively cheap. That being said, if you already have colors like these from other Colourpop palettes then maybe you can already create these looks! 
I'd love to hear your Colourpop product must-haves in the comments.

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