~CLINIQUE~ Moisture Surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator

🎉 I won this CLINIQUE Moisture Surge moisturizer from PrismPop.🎉 I couldn't believe I got so lucky. 🥳 I am truly grateful and honored to be able to try it out. 👏 I wanted to share my thoughts about my experience with this product. Thank you for reading. 🤓🤓

🔅 This particular size jar comes with 15ml of product inside. It's a sample size I'm sure. It comes in a cute but elegant powder pink glass jar. I actually prefer glass jars when it comes to purchasing something like this because I can reuse it. I like to use them to put product in from larger containers to travel with. 

🔅 This moisturizer is 100% fragrance free. Now it really means Fragrance Free. Some other moisturizers from other brands that I've tried before claim to be Fragrance free but they end up smelling like Vaseline or Wax. This moisturizer has absolutely NO scent. I think it would be very suitable for people who have a sensitive nose or allergies. It doesn't affect my allergies. 

🔅 This moisturizer has a very satisfying texture to it. It is a powder pink water-like gel consistency. It feels so distinctive rubbing it in-between my fingertips. It's thick but still creamy. I can turn the jar upside down without the product slipping out. 

🔅 Application is extremely simple and straightforward. 😉

STEP 1• â€‹â€‹â€‹Put product on fingertips or brush.

STEP 2• Rub into desired area of skin.

STEP 3• Repeat as desired or needed. 🤪🙃

( ⬆️ Just kidding around!..... kinda. Lol⬆️ ) 

🔅 This moisturizer is absolutely fantastic! As is most of CLINIQUE products. It moisturizes so well. It leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and plump. It hydrates also which really helps around my eyes. It goes on like a water-like cream. It melts as it hits my skin and absorbs very quickly. I apply it day and night but if I wanted to, I could apply it once a day because it moisturizes my skin for over 24 hours. Even in this hot summer weather. It doesn't leave my skin sticky or oily which is so wonderful. It is very lightweight and soothing. It's light enough to wear under my foundation too. It's just an excellent product! I am so happy that I was able to try it.

🔅 I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my rambling on about this product. It means the world to me. I hope at least one of you decide to try this moisturizer due to reading my review. I want to thank PrismPop again for giving me the opportunity to try this incredible product. I look forward to working with you further. I hope you all stay safe and well.


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  • Rachel Lokos

    Clinique is one of my fave brands

  • Jennifer Henning

    CLINIQUE Moisture Surge moisturizer sounds amazing. Great review on describing how and what this does for your face also how to use it. I've always heard good thing's about CLINIQUE products. Would absolutely love to try this product. It sounds awesome and sounds like something that would work great for my face. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kelly K

    You're so lucky!!!! Congrats on winning this. This stuff is amazing!!!

  • Barbie Steele

    Great review. Congratulations on your win.