Chok Chok Illuminating Serum First Impression

Hi everyone! Mary Kate here with another review!
I am going to be trying Chok Chok Illuminating Serum by Oh K! Beauty. It's safe for vegans and gluten-free folks (like me!) and it's meant to brighten your skin! Here are my thoughts:
✨Really nice and light and dissolves into the skin leaving me with a fresh feeling!
🖌I love that they do not test on animals!
💭Overall: I like this product and I'm excited to add it to my daily skincare routine!
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  • Sidney Dale

    I have been looking for the name of this product everywhere! I had the chance to try it out at my best friend's house one day and I was obsessed with how it made my skin feel, but I forgot the name and she ran out of the product and I thought I'd lost it forever. I can't wait to get some and incorporate it into my regular routine. Thanks for the review~!

  • Andrea Reisert

    I love a great illuminating serum!

  • Caitlin Sassi

    My favorite way to glow is def by my skincare routine! Cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! My skin has never been more fabulous since I've been more in touch with my skin 💜

  • Samantha Walker

    Its great to know its cruelty free!

  • Steffany Barahona

    I've been wanting to try Chok Chok Illuminating Serum and I think this may be the push I needed. I like that glow from within. I think that it definitely starts with skin care.

  • Emily

    My favorite way to glow would definitely be through skin care; nothing feels better than a freshly exfoliated face after a face mask (well except maybe freshly shaven legs on silk/satin sheets).

  • Amanda

    I feel much better using cruelty free products. Would love to try this

  • Shannon citrino

    I love cruelty free and vegan products!! I'm very dry so brightening in a serum sounds great!

  • Ashley Hunt

    I prefer highlight to dewy skincare because I am so oily. It seems anything dewy breaks me out. I am trying the new Kypris Quinch and Glow serum which hasn't broke me out and also the Touch in Sol Glassy Skin Balm that hasn't broken me out.

  • charleen garvin

    this looks so amazing, I really wanna try it!

  • Susan

    Chok chok illuminating serum looks like it's right up my alley. I love the application. And the fact that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on you skin. Definitely would recommend

  • Heather

    I love serum so much. I'll have to try this

  • Alejandra

    healthy skin equals beautiful makeup

  • yona garlit

    I love the idea of nourishing the skin. That is a more natural highlight :)

  • Leslie Rodriguez

    i could sure use those coins ❤❤

  • Teresa Taylor

    This product seems to work well. I like the fact that it brightens by nourishing the skin rather than just making the skin appear brighter.

  • jessica powell

    I love to glow with the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector! It always gives the perfect amount of glow!

  • Angela

    Great question to ask, I like both serums and highlighters for the glow. I would have to say my favorite glow would be from a highlighter due to the fact they are so illuminating it makes a brighter glow that shines. With a highlighter you can build up the glow depending on the preference and how much of a glow I'm going for plus the glow can be different shades depending on the highlighter(s) being used. I like a pinkish shade or white glittery shade, but my favorite would be a rainbow colors effect.

  • Amanda Bentley

    Amazing results

  • Diane Mullings

    I look absolutely pale in the winter season, and I definitely love how #ChokChokIlluminatingSerum brightened your skin instantly!!! I guess consuming Vitamin C isn't enough, give me some of that! Lol

  • Naf

    Nice review. My favorite way to glow is to use a highlighter and I also like serums.

  • Dorothy schmidt

    I love to glow with a good highlight. But I also love to glow with my skin care I love masks that make my skin look glowy

  • Leslie burns

    This ia one produxt I would love to try. My face ia dull looking and it needs a flow.

  • Kelli Baxter

    My favorite way to glow is through good skincare like a good serum or glassy skin balm! This looks terrific!

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