CereVe: Moisurizer with Sunscreen or Sunscreen with Moisturizer?!

Welcome back to my Target Box review, Part 2!

Today's product is the CereVe Facial Moisurizing Lotion with Sunscreen (30 SPF)! This product seems like a great way to incorporate extra sunscreen or moisturizer into your routine or allow you to cut your routine time down!

In my video, I note that this product is more of a sunscreen than a moisturizer. This is because it labels five (5) sunscreen ingredients as its active ingredients, but it is STILL USEFUL as a moisturizer as well!

As with any skincare item, do keep in mind that when products provide multiple benefits, it *may* provide less of one or more benefits in order to include another. For that reason, I would suggest using an additional moisturizer or sunscreen in order to double-up on the benefits!

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