Caudalie Vinosource Review - Moisturizing Sorbet, is it worth it?

Hey guys it’s Alex Diehl! 👋 Here with my second ever video for Prismpop!!!
Today I’m trying out a skincare product by Caudalie called the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. 
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Here’s my review…
🍇 About The Product: Caudalie loves grapes, and this product uses primarily grapeseed oil in a gel-cream formula that feels light and whipped.
☁ Application & Use: It blends in really nicely and quickly, with luckily no white cast leftover. It feels weightless and hydrating!
☝ One Tip: Store in the fridge for an extra refreshing & cooling skincare experience!
✨ Results: It’s actually a little too hydrating for me, but if you’re into a glossy look, this may be the best moisturizer for you!
💭 Final Thoughts: Definitely worth a shot, but try to get yourself a sample before spending $40 on the full sized product to make sure it’s right for you!
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