Best CBD Skincare for Under Eye Bags??

Hey, everyone, it’s Tori! Herewith my first ever video on PrismPop!!🥰
Today I am going to be trying for the first time the CBD Calming Eye Balm by Cannuka!
👁Ingredients: CBD and rose water
🤲Feeling of the product: Being that it has a wax base it definitely has a waxy feel to it. 
🖌Application: Rub the product to warm it up and apply it to the skin. Not sticky like what beeswax is like. 
👃Smell: It smells like beeswax and roses in a beautiful way
💭Final Thoughts: I did see a HUGE difference in my under eyes is that it decrease the under eyes as well as the puffiness that I had. My skin also felt awake and brighter and was nice and light on my skin to put on both day and night. 
⭐️Recommendation: I would recommend this product to my friends and anyone who wants to reduce their under-eye bags as well as puffiness.  
🤔Have you tried this eye balm? Will you try it after my first impressions and review? 
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👀Stay tuned for my next video where I show you my life hack of a primer!

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  • Rachel Lokos

    CBD definitely is helpful

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Looks like a great product! thanks for the review on it.

  • Cristy

    I have used this brand and it is phenomenal!

  • Barbie

    This product sounds bomb.

  • Daisy

    I like the sound of this! I get really bad bags under my eyes and I want to get rid of them. I think I will look into this product more. Thanks!

  • Kate D.

    Great review. I really like how this product sounds. I'm not a huge fan of the waxy feel of beeswax, but the way you've described it sounds as if it isn't entirely waxy. Plus, if it's for under your eyes, then I may appreciate having that feeling in the eye area. The smell that you've described is right up my alley. Beeswax and roses? Yes, please! I'd buy the product based on that alone. The fact that you saw nice effects from the product really piques my interest. I think I'll be trying this under eye product, for sure.

  • Jennifer Henning

    I would really love to try this CBD undereye wear. I wake up and have horrible swollen bags under my eyes. Especially with allergy season coming. Each year it seems to get worse. I'd be really curious if this would help me with this issue at all through out this spring and summer also in general. Looks great. Really good info and review for your first video. Thank you

  • Tina Dalasinski

    😍 I sure would love to try this for sure I have under eye issues and need something for it

  • Lindsey

    I love CBD skincare products

  • Daisy

    Awesome! I definitely need! I have major puffiness in the mornings when I get up! I'm willing try for sure💚💚💚

  • Nicole Christine

    I'm going to give this a try! Thanks for your review!!

  • Crystal Smoot

    I am 46 and have uner eye bags that i struggle with. This sounds amazing. I would love to try this please. Thank you.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I should try this because sometimes even the best concealers does nothing for my under eyes sometimes it makes little tiny wrinkles worse. Maybe this cream will help a little, I have never tried an eye cream before. Thanks for great review

  • Micheala

    Love it thanks for the review

  • Michelle

    I like CBD and that looks love it works. I might have to give it a try.

  • Mandy Hart

    Great video are you still using and have you noticed a greater difference since the first use? I have deep set undereyebags and dark circles. I find the extremely and impossibly hard to cover up and get rid of. I've felt like surgery or filler might be the only option for me but can't afford either one.

  • haku izunami

    congrats on your first video! also thank you for your honest opinion! i really want to try this on my perpetually puffy eyes.

  • Brandi Wells

    I love anything CBD, and this is made with 2 simple ingredients, CBD and Rosewater

  • Anna hudson

    Would love to try.

  • mariana reynoso

    going to have to try this out

  • Arediz Castaneda

    look more good young <3

  • Ruthanne Nicholls

    Sounds great thank you would love to try this

  • Tina Geane

    Yeah I definitely wanna try 😍 this- it sounds awesome for first thing in the morning to get that puffiness down, blood circulating under your eyes help with those bags before applying primer or makeup! Thanks for sharing this review it was great! 😄 ✌ 💚

  • Windy partridge

    I gotta try this!

  • Crystal Jones

    I would love to try this!!

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