Best CBD Skincare for Under Eye Bags??

Hey, everyone, it’s Tori! Herewith my first ever video on PrismPop!!🥰
Today I am going to be trying for the first time the CBD Calming Eye Balm by Cannuka!
👁Ingredients: CBD and rose water
🤲Feeling of the product: Being that it has a wax base it definitely has a waxy feel to it. 
🖌Application: Rub the product to warm it up and apply it to the skin. Not sticky like what beeswax is like. 
👃Smell: It smells like beeswax and roses in a beautiful way
💭Final Thoughts: I did see a HUGE difference in my under eyes is that it decrease the under eyes as well as the puffiness that I had. My skin also felt awake and brighter and was nice and light on my skin to put on both day and night. 
⭐️Recommendation: I would recommend this product to my friends and anyone who wants to reduce their under-eye bags as well as puffiness.  
🤔Have you tried this eye balm? Will you try it after my first impressions and review? 
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👀Stay tuned for my next video where I show you my life hack of a primer!

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