Can't stop won't stop w/ Juno&CO

Hey everyone!!! I decided to pull a double whammy today and show you 2 of my new favorite products! 

1:Juno&Co velvet microfiber sponge

2: Nyx can't stop won't stop contour concealer. *Vanilla

MY FINAL THOUGHT: WOW! I love the *Juno&CO sponge so much that I wish everything I owned felt like this sponge does. It delivers the airbrush finish a lot of people want and I love, love, love it

*Nyx really blew it out of the water with this can't stop won't stop concealer. I decided to use it on the dark circles under my eyes, and as you can see from my video, this stuff worked. Got it for $2.00 on where I find all my makeup goodies.

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  • Crystal Jones

    Amazon can have some amazing products for amazing prices or they can have not so great stuff!!

  • Samantha

    That is a great price for this concealer! Amazon can be so amazing

  • Wade

    Great review! That sponge looks so spongy lol

  • Amanda Lingle

    Wow that was a amazing deal you got for that concealor. Where the heck do you find such awesome deals like this? That sponge is amazing isnt it! Very soft and blends so well. Great job and great post. Keep them coming!