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Came for the Packaging, Stayed for the formula: Flash Cat Eyeliner

Recently I tried out a lot of new L’Oreal makeup products and came across the Flash Cat Eye Liner. The packaging was intriguing, but what I care the most about is the formula. 
šŸ±Packaging - It has a removable cat eye stencil on the cap of the eyeliner. I appreciate the effort to help out beauty lovers like me who struggle with doing a cat eye, but I honestly don’t see myself using it. 
šŸ±Formula - Oh, the FORMULA. Its smooth, jet black and dries down nicely. It is also waterproof and budge-proof. What else can you ask for in an eyeliner??
šŸ‘Verdict - I didn’t do a cateye with it, but the formula is convincing enough for me to keep using it. 


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