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Byroe Salmon Cream

Hello guys, and welcome back to another video of mine! Today I will be reviewing a sample I got of the Byroe Salmon Cream. This is a luxurious night cream that is supposed to awaken skin for a vibrant, healthy looking glow. 

Packaging: The sample sized jar comes in a small bag with information on the product on the back. The small jar it comes in is really nice and contains enough product in it to review.

Scent: Even though it is Salmon Cream, it does not smell like salmon. The scent is something I would describe as a herbal, calming scent. I personally enjoy the scent, but others may not. Thankfully, the scent is not a strong one and will fade away eventually. 

Easy to use: To use the cream, you have to put a very small amount of it on your face at night and spread it evenly. The jar is portable, so you can take it with you and use it almost anywhere.

Price: The big jar of this cream costs 120 dollars. It is very high in the price, but I’m not that surprised because once you put it on your face, it feels soft, luxurious and fancy, which explains the price. 

Effectiveness: I use this cream as a night cream. When I woke up after using it for the first time, I noticed my skin was much softer after using this. There was also this vivid glow on my face that made it look very hydrated and healthy. The small container was about 3/4 full, but it still lasted me a long time! Definitely love the results. 

Last Thoughts: This cream is amazing! It makes your skin soft and smooth overnight. I love the vibrant glow it gives your face! I would recommend this, but I don’t think it is a must if you are on a budget.

Thank you so much for reading! If you want moreover reviews like this, then like and follow for more posts! Bye!

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