Byroe Bell Pepper Serum

Byroe Bell Pepper serum has got to be one of my favorite serums ever! It is not only so luxurious, but it works so wonderfully. It has an oily thick consistency, but once you apply it onto your face, it quickly becomes lightweight and your face just sucks it all up! I have oily skin with pitted acne scars and this serum has been helping me day by day to fade them. The dropper allows you to control how much product you want to use and a little goes a long way so this serum will definitely last you for a long time! It doesn't really have much of a scent  to it which is great if you happen to have sensitive skin. I think that this serum is definitely one of the best, it could be because it has salad based ingredients but something about it... makes it totally worth it! 

Have you tried this beauty? Do you want too? 

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