BYROD New York Skincare Line

The BYROD Skincare line is absolutely so cool. Inspired by the salads that you eat, but so much more potent.  For reference, I will review in order of how they should be used in your routine. 
🥗First- Rice Cleansing sorbet 

     🍥This product is so creamy and packed with proteins. 
     🍥The smell is very faint, but very clean and pleasing. 
     🍥Apply product all over your face, even on your toughest eye makeup, and it melts it off with no added force or energy. 
     🍥Very creamy texture and light. 
     🍥Helps to add moisture to the skin. 
     🍥Retails for $72

🥗Second- Bitter Green Essence Toner

     🥬 No smell really, unless a faint green smell, almost like grass. 
     🥬 Apply with a cotton round or ball and wipe over face after cleansing with Rice Cleansing Sorbet. 
     🥬This will help to balance your ph after cleansing, remove any excess or leftover impurities, and close your pores. 
     🥬Helps to strengthen the skins barrier and protect from free radicals, and plumps those skin cells to make you appear younger and fresher.

     🥬Feels silky time the touch.

     🥬Retails for $95. 

🥗Third- Bell Pepper Serum

     🌶A calming serum to help hydrate and moisturize and to leave a gooey complexion. 
     🌶Has no smell whatsoever. 
     🌶Feels silky and absorbs instantly into the skin without feeling sticky or leaving a residue.

     🌶Retails for $110. 

🥗Fourth- Tomato Serum

     🍅No smell.
     🍅Lightweight, and absorbs instantly, without any stickiness or residue. 
     🍅Lycopenes in tomatoes help heal the skin and regenerate skin cells. 
     🍅Helps to reduce imperfections and increase the skins glow. 
     🍅Retails for $150. 

🥗Fifth- Salmon Cream

     🍣 Packed full of protein and omega 3's and fatty acids to help moisturize abd hydrate the skin.

     🍣Lightweight moisturizer that absorbs instantly into the skin. 
     🍣Using this as your last step will lock all of the other skin care products and benefits into your skin so that you get the maximum benefit out of all of them. 
     🍣Does not have a smell.

     🍣Lightweight, creamy texture.     
     🍣Retails for $120. 
🥗Great products but the entire set retails for $547 abd has to be purchased individually and not in a set. 


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