Bye Bye crows feet

I dont know about you, but I want to do whatever I can to stop wrinkles and the aging process.

I found this little gem at the drug store. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair seems to help me out in the crow's feet department. It's a small tube of thin creme that I have found works.

I apply the creme all around my eyes,  also on the stress wrinkle I have in between my eyebrows. This stuff has Retinol in it, which helps plump wrinkles away. It takes about a week of use before I started to notice it working. But it actually worked.

I'm 43 and have always taken good care of my skin, and have been told I look younger than I really am. But I cant fight time or can I? Well with Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair I can fight those nasty Crow's Feet. Costs under $15

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  • Lovie Croll

    Thanks Stephanie always great to hear about a product like this that works well

  • Myshell

    I need this in my life :)

  • Pauline

    Wow thanks for your insight on this post too. Who knew? I love all that Neutrogena stands for. Now Wrinkle Repair is a winner product. Want to try this.

  • Sara Lord

    Hi :) How long has it been since you posted this review? I didn't see a date, sorry .. anyways, how has the product worked for you since the review? Are you still using it? I'm def looking for some wallet friendly miracles 😉😉 My crows feet are awful .. that whole area, from the middle of my forehead to right underneath my eyes is going wayyyy south, lol !! A LOT of Sunny/Beach/River/Pool/FL days & ALOT of straining my eyes looking at stuff & always forgetting my sunglasses!! I've always had very easy skin, not many problems or issues growing up, very little acne, so I never really had a Face "routine".... Now, I'm REALLY CLOSE to the BIG 40 ☠️😲🤫🤭😮😄☠️ LOL .. and I def need to work on my face A LOT more than I have EVER, yet, in my whole life!! I have very oily skin I pretty much wear a full face 5-7 days a week I usually clean my face with Garner Micellar water then use Garnier Toner (both for oily skin) Then use a serum (usually some sample I got in the mail, haven't found my favorite serum, yet??) Then Bert's Bees face/neck creme. Sometimes Bare Skin Pore Eraser..if I'm having a rather oily day! Then a Full Face Makeup primer, color corrector, liquid base, concealer, powder, blush and all full eye ! So, I'm very interested in finding a few products that will help with the wrinkles and loose skin, I could prolly use a little Vitamin C for brightness. I def need something pocket friendly, and I'm not a brand girl .. if it works for me, I'm using it!! 😉😄💗 Thanks for any recommendations you may have 🥂

  • sally peabody

    That is a great product !

  • Sabrina

    You do look younger than you are! Wow, another Neutrogena product that seems to work really well. Thank you for the recommendation. 💜