Burt’s Bees Mattifying Powder Foundation – (Very!) Oily Skin Review

🎁Nice Case You Got There: First things first, let’s talk about the case. It is lightweight, but sturdy, in a cute honeycomb shape.  There is a clear “window” on the lid, which looks great on the display in the store, as it allows one to see the pretty honeycomb imprint on the powder itself.  Unfortunately, this decorative pattern goes away after the first few uses, but it is nice while it lasts.

🎁There is a bottom compartment that holds a honeycomb shaped sponge, and a mirror.  There are air-holes on the bottom of the case, where the sponge sits.  I usually hate sponges/brushes that come with makeup, especially from the drugstore.  However, I actually really like this sponge! It is very soft, and it is reminiscent of a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, or my other fave, Cherry Chree Cosmetic Beauty Blending Sponge.  It makes touch-ups a breeze!

🎨Swatch Me

I have swatched this foundation both dry and wet (no primer), as you can see below:

So far they only have six shades in this line, but I like what they’ve done with it.

There are two fair shades:

Vanilla: Fair to medium skintones, with warm undertones

Bare: Fair to medium skintones, with cool undertones

Two medium shades:

Bamboo: Medium to tan skinstones, with warm undertones

Sand: Medium to tan skintones, with cool undertones

Two deep shades:

Nutmeg: Tan to dark skintones, with warm undertones

Almond: Tan to dark skintones, with cool undertones

⭐I appreciate that they account for both warm and cool undertones!  My very fair skin is neutral, but leans warm, so I bought the Vanilla shade.  This shade does seem to work well for me (more on that below – keep reading!), but I would be very interested to hear how other, deeper skintones fare with this color range.

⭐But How Did It Wear?This is a powder foundation, and I found it to be very smooth and silky.

⚠️There was a lot of kickback when I used a brush (hello powder particles going everywhere), but very little when using a sponge.

✅Aside from the kickback, this foundation applies well with a brush.  I liked using my e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush.

✅However, I think my favorite way to apply this is with a dry beauty blending sponge.

No matter which method I used, I was able to build up to a pretty decent light/medium, “natural” coverage; meaning that it isn’t going to cover everything and look like a mask.  This didn’t completely cover my acne scarring, but it did soften it, and evened out my skintone, and most of my hyper-pigmentation.   I loved this for everyday-wear to work, and on the weekend, due to how quick and easy it is to apply.

⭐You have a lot of control with this; if you just want a light layer, dust/smooth on a little.  If you want or need more coverage, just apply more to build up.   Very easy to use, and fool-proof!

As I mentioned above, while you may need to watch for just a smidge of caking when using a damp sponge, I found caking in general to be very minimal.  I am so impressed!  Having extremely oily skin, I’m used to a lot of foundations caking up mid-day, or when I go in to touch them up (I’m looking at you Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder).  Not so with this foundation!  As long as I blot first, re-applying mid-day is quick and painless.  No clumpy-cakey mess here!

Another thing I appreciated about this foundation is how it smoothed over my enlarged pores on my cheeks (years of acne and very oily skin has taken its toll, I’m afraid).  I feel that this definitely minimized large pores, and did not settle into them – not even at mid-day, or when I touched up.

I did try this foundation with a few different primers:

  • Hourglass Mineral Veil

  • MAC Prep and Prime

  • Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion

⭐The foundation worked well with all of these, but I enjoy using the Australian Gold Mineral Lotion the best; probably because of the boost in coverage from the subtle tint, and how it helps smooth and “fill in” my large pores.  These two make a great pair!

👍While this foundation did not control my oil all day, it still does a fair job. I usually blot mid-day, and reapply in a few spots.  The coverage has usually faded just a little by this point, but I attribute the need to reapply to my blotting sheets, as I think they pick up some of the foundation with the oils (#lifewithoilyskin).  That being said, touching up is no big deal with the little sponge in the bottom compartment.

👍As for the color match, I’m pretty happy with the shade, Vanilla. It seems to self-adjust with my skin after a few minutes of wear-time, so I’m wondering if this is why they only have 6 shades.  Either way, I didn’t notice any oxidization, and the color is a pretty close match for my skintone.

💯Bottom Line – this foundation is awesome!  Currently it is my favorite foundation, hands down.  I love that this is cruelty-free, and 100% natural – I am all for less chemicals in makeup!  Although wear-time isn’t the best, it applies easily, and has little to no cakiness (even with extremely oily skin).  It also has a well-designed and lightweight case, with a sponge and mirror for easy touch-ups and makeup on-the-go.

Let’s give this baby a mad WONDERFUL Seal of Approval!

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  • Pauline

    A lot written for such a small compact of powder make up. Great review considering what I need to know about the coverage. Great write about color match and for my type of skin. Like the idea of the sponge and mirror too. I already want to try Burt's Bee Power Foundation. Reasonable price.

  • Tina Ong

    Very thorough review and images

  • Jennifer Henning

    This would be perfect for me. My skin gets so oily it drives me insane. Nice review thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah

    This looks pretty nice I haven't actually tried any of there foundation or fac powders! I have tried their blush and lipstick and absolutely loved them! This looks nice though. Maybe over makeup for setting powder or for a nice touch up

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