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I’m back with a review and swatches of the new Burt’s Bees lipsticks! I’ve had more than a month to try them out and have some good, and some not so good things to say about them.❤️
Finish/Formula: These have a satin finish that I really love. It feels kind of glossy/balmy (similar to Mineral Fusion Lip Crayons) and does keep lips very moisturized. They are very smooth and feel great on lips.
Coverage/Pigmentation: However they claim that these are full coverage, but I wouldn’t call them that. They are more like 3/4 coverage if that makes sense. For the lighter shades I love this – but a few of the darker shades such as Juniper Water it didn’t have very even coverage and just didn’t look great. On the other hand the shade Tulip Tide is one of my new favorites and I’ve been wearing it everywhere. It is easy to just add a touch of color with these, using them as a sort of stain instead of trying to go for a bold and defined look.
Scent: 💐These have a floral scent that when I first uncapped them I thought I wouldn’t like. The more I used them the less it bothered me though. The scent wears off pretty fast after applying and it didn’t give me a headache. 
Design: ♻️Very cute packaging with honeycomb design which is made of recycled plastic and is recyclable. Lightweight.
Overall: These are very moisturizing and the light to medium shades provide beautiful color but the darkest colors aren’t good for creating a defined lip look.
My favorites of these are Tulip Tide (cool tone light pink), Lily Lake (a pretty mauve), and Magenta Rush (bold magenta).
😊They’re also very affordable, $9 is a great price!

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