Brow Woes Be Gone! Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer review

Anastasia Beverly Hills has released their latest and greatest brow product, the Brow Definer. This twist-up pencil is what I’d like to call the infamous Brow Wiz on ‘roids.

“Brow Definer’s retractable pencil design features a thick, triangular tip that outlines brows and fills in sparse areas in one sweep. The smooth, creamy formula glides on effortlessly to cover and define, while the soft-bristled end blends edges for a natural brow look.”

Now the thin edge has potential for drawing in hairs and giving sparse areas dimension and the illusion that there’s hair there. Shown above L-R, strokes using the thick edge, strokes using the thinner edge and a long stroke using the flat-tip of the pencil. This has the same pigmentation and formula as the Brow Wiz.

⭐ What I love is that you can literally just sweep this through your brows and be done. When I use a thin-tipped pencil it takes me awhile to draw in the shape but this thicker pencil makes it easy. I tried to draw in a few hairs at the front of the brow using the thin edge and it gave it a bit of dimension but I have yet to perfect this technique. I popped a bit of ABH Brow Gel on the hairs to tame them too, a perfect combo!

😂 Here’s an idea of all the skin I have to cover in order to make it look like I have brows. Mine start way too far in and have been over plucked underneath and at the tail.

👀 The only thing I don’t love about this pencil is that it can be a bit too thick for the tail of my brow, so I just use NYX’s Micro Brow Pencil for that. Medium Brown, formerly known as Ash.

😎 Something about the ABH Brow Definer just gives my brows a softer, more natural look. Once you get the hang of using different edges for different parts of the brow, this will make drawing your brows in a freakin’ BREEZE. And take it from me, the Queen of No Brows, this pencil will save you time, frustration and tears in the morning.
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  • Jennifer Henning

    Amazing Review. Thanks for sharing this product

  • Marilyn Wagner

    Wow what a great review you intend to incredible detail with Osman close up photos I greatly appreciate that! I'd love to see you some more reviews and post to buying you I think you did a great job and you definitely caught my interest in this product great job thanks so much!

  • Sarah

    This brow pencil looks like what I've been looking for!! Pretty new to filling in my brows, looking for the perfect brow pencil or gel and maybe a combo!

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