Brightening Your Day..

In my Tester Goodie Bag I received an Oh K! Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask with Vitamin C & Watermelon Extract. It's to brighten and hydrate your skin. 

My Experience with this mask was I didn't care for the scent of it. Thought it was kind of chemically smelling. Maybe it's just my nose. Ofcoarse it was easy to apply and even though I didn't like the scent I could feel that it was very hydrating to my skin. After I took it off My skin was noticeably softer and gave a fresh look to my skin. I would buy again because I liked the end result from useing it but I just don't care for the scent of it. I'm sure there would be others who like it. You'll have to try for yourself on that one. I have combination skin and I felt that it was just perfect for me because it didn't end up being oily or dry later after useing.

This mask it

Sulphate Free

Gluten Free


This company does not experiment their products on animals either, that's a plus from me.

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