Bobbi Brown, Lancome, YSL - 3 Steps to my Brilliant Fall Lip Look

Want to see my current go-to look for a bold, bright brown lip look perfect for fall? 🍂
💄 Products:
▷ 1. Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil ($27)
I love this pencil, as you can clearly see - it’s been sharpened down to about half the size it was when I bought it X months ago!
▷ Lip Liner Shade: Chocolate
I love this shade because it really complements the tone of my skin. It just blends in seamlessly to give me a defined yet natural lip!
Do you blend your lip liner, and if so how?? (I always end up smacking them together and it works great)
▷ 2. Lancome Le Monochromatique
This is a true do-it-all makeup product. I can use Le Monochromatique as an eyeshadow, a lip tint and a blush and I never get tired of it. It comes in a bunch of shades as well, so depending on the color, the Le Monochromatique can literally do anything!
▷ Le Monochromatique Shade: Ooh La La
A shimmery gold brown color with velvety pigment that lasts.
and finally…
▷ YSL Rouge Volupté Shine
This is my go-to for a nice natural tone with a brightening finishing touch to my lip look…. and just look at that packaging. How could you not love this lipstick?
▷ YSL Rouge Volupté Shade: Nude Sheer
That’s it! 3 steps, 3 products, one beautiful lip color for my skin tone.

What shades complement your skin tone? Let me know in the comments.
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💖 Malvika

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  • Lauren

    So pretty!

  • Ana

    I need more lipstick in my life

  • Tia kitchens

    I am a junkie for lip balm year around but even more so in the fall/winter months. I always make sure to use a hydrating lip balm. I start by lightly exfoliating my lips with a lip scrub, I then will use a lip balm to hydrate and help with any irritation, I also use lip masks in the winter months much more and then to finish off my lips I love, love, love Anastasia lip in fudge (it’s absolutely beautiful and a great fall color).

  • Ashley Hunt

    My autumn lip look is Jonte Blu lip liner in Hot Red, Elf Sheer Matte Liquid Lip in Nude Rose, with Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss in Nearly Nude! Very Nude lip with small pop of color!

  • Andrea B Cofman

    Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl Bond Girl is the most recently added lipstick to my collection and is the perfect autumn shade. It’s a unique berry/red matte that is universally flattering, ideal for everyday wear and just so pretty!

  • Helen Thompson

    Omg Gorgeous

  • Helen Thompson

    Omg Gorgeous

  • Reenah

    now this is something I've never tried before, lighten up a dark lip with bright lipstick! brilliant

  • Marilyn Wagner

    My brilliant fall look for my luscious lips is plumping sugar lip polish to plump then bright red tlong lasting melted lipstick. It really sticks out for pretty fall photos.

  • jessica powell

    I love a multi-tasking product! My go-to Autumn look is always warmer colors (brown, pumpkin, copper etc) and adding a bit of shimmer on the eyes over any of these colors works great!