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#bloodsugar Bold look

I purchase this becuse it caught my attention, yes this is deformed a pallet I will recommend if you like bold looks or would like to step out your comfort zone with make up. I never use this type of colors but was satisfied with my look. Not perfect but i liked it. 
The shades had also some fall out and some ware hard to work on the eye. This pallet is beautiful but I think people over rate Jeffre star items 

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  • Marija

    These are very bold colors but they look good on you. I had not tried this palette because it might be too daring for me. It looks like a quality product and the packaging is nice. Please check out all my posts, comment and like them. Also please follow me. Thanks! 💞 By doing all this, you get coins you can use for amazing rewards. Thanks 👍💋💚💛 💖