Bitter Green Toner From Byroe Beauty!

🥬 The Bitter Green Toner From Byroe New York 🥬
It may be my first time using it in this video but I can tell you that this toner is WONDERFUL! 🙌
The Toner says it is a conditioning treatment toner that saturates the skin with hydrating and purifying green ingredients that help smooth the texture of the skin and protect against dehydration. 🌵
Even in the short time using it I could say that this is true! 👍
It smells like a holistic crystal shop feels! It smells of relaxation and purification! 🔮
I recommend this product to everyone! I use my fingers to apply it! Just makes sure your hands are clean 🧼
Wanna Try It? 😍 Click that "I Wanna Try!"

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