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🎈Birthday Pamper Party with 'Oh K! Beauty!'🎈

🎈My Birthday Pamper Party🎈

👌With Oh K! Beauty👌

August 13th was my Birthday🎉.....and the answer is NO.🤫 I'm not gonna tell you my age.🤐 Lol So after a long day of doing absolutely nothing, I felt the need to pamper my very tired angry feet.😴🦶 Plus try out this Alien-like face mask that PrismPop has gifted me.👽

Quick Fun Fact..... 

The foot is one of the most overworked, under-appreciated parts of the human body. Think about it: In a single day, the average person takes 8000-10,000 steps. That works out to be four trips around the world over a lifetime, putting a lot of wear and tear on your intricate foot bones. The foot may be humble, but its design is essential to how we walk upright, and hoofing it on two feet is a defining feature of humanity.

🌱Oh K! Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask🦶(Soothes Tired Feet)

I had my doubts about this product until I opened it. They were the cutest little sock-like masks. They were absolutely incredible. They were an excellent way to end my Birthday night.

🎁-Packaging-🎁 Oh K! Beauty has set the bar high when it comes to cute packaging. Pretty pastel colors and large easy to read print. Plus the little panda at the top gave it that extra spark.

🦶-Texture & Scent-🦶 This Foot Mask is a Peppermint Foot Mask. It has a light pleasant Peppermint leafy scent.🌱 It isn't like a Peppermint candy🍬 smell. The texture was fun to squish around with my toes.🦶 It was a tad bit slimy but not so bad that I couldn't walk in them.

🕤Ease of Use & Effectiveness🕙 This product was really easy to use.✔ They were pretty self-explanatory.👌 They fit very well with a sticky tab to seal around my ankle.🦶 They made my feet🦶 tingle a tiny bit🤏 but nothing too noticable.🤷‍♀️ I left them on for 30 mins🕙 which is a bit more than I was supposed to.They soothed my tired feet🦶 just like it said they would. My feet🦶 felt like they were well rested,💤 kinda like a foot massage💆‍♀️ in a bag! My feet🦶 felt softer and my skin even looked brighter.🔅 I will definitely be purchasing them very soon.👍 I absolutely recommend them.😍

💲Price💲 $9.00

❓-Did you know?.... Foot bones🦴make up about a quarter of all the bones🦴in our bodies? ❓ There are 26 foot bones🦴in each of your feet.🦶

💦Oh K! Replenishing Je Ju Island Hydrogel Mask💦

This was my first HydroGel Mask that I had ever used before. To me it looked like an Alien Goopy Torture Device.👽☠ It was a bit slimy and slippery.💦 It made me look scary. My 6-year-old son told me that I looked like an Alien! Lol👽 

📦-Packaging-📦 This face mask also had pretty packaging. It was a light blue ocean🌊 color with large easy to read lettering. That little Panda🐼 is just so adorable.Oh K! Beauty has the cutest packaging. 🐼

🌊Texture & Scent🌴 This HydroGel Mask was a bit slimy and slippery.💦 It felt so weird.🙃 It felt like an Alien Goo.👽 It has a light ocean🌊 fresh scent to it mixed with a floral🌻 scent. It is really refreshing and calming.😎

👍Ease of Use & Effectiveness👌 This mask was fairly easy to apply but incredibly hard to keep on.😵 It didn't fit my face around my Eyes👀 and Bridge of my Nose.👃 It kept lifting and slipping so I had to lay on my back to keep it on.🛌 Now saying that, it was very moisturizing.💦 It soothed my skin which faded the redness😡 on my face. My skin looked brighter and lighter.👌 It looked all around much healthier.👍 It was super relaxing and very effective.👌 I just had issues with the mask itself. I am very impressed with the results.👍 If you can get passed the odd texture👽 and can manage to not scare your young children while wearing it,👽 then I totally recommend it.👍

💲Price💲 $7.00

-Fun Fact- Jeju Island is well known for natural wonders, including Waterfalls, White Sand Beaches and a dormant Volcano - South Korea's highest mountain.🗻🌴

So there you have it! This was my Birthday Pamper Party using Oh K! Beauty Products. It was very interesting and relaxing. I had a great time. I definitely recommend these products! Thank you PrismPop for sending me this Tester Bag!

Until Next Time Lovelies......

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  • Hibah

    I love this! The foot mask looks very nice. Your skin is way brighter afterwards. I have also gotten this bag. It has many amazing things in it. My favorite is the moisturizer. It is lightweight and hydrating.

  • Susie Kohnen

    I could really use this! My daughter was able to try this and she loved it! Said the peppermint was so calming and so very moisturizing! I'm so jealous lol!

  • Caer

    I wanna try this product, this looks so awesome!!

  • Britnee

    Oh wow I need this

  • Pauline

    Liked your posted review with pictures. A little different from your usual review. A little larger print. Like your opener statement Birthday Pamper Party and facial mask demo. Thanks for sharing with us again.

  • Yarilie Ríos

    Yes I’ve been dying to try out a foot mask

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Happy Birthday, great review on these 2 products. they were really great products to be able to test.

  • Bonita kasee

    I really wanna try the foot mask, bc your definitely right, our feet is so overlooked, lol