Biodegradable Blemish Treatment Pads ( Beautree )

Beautree blemish calming treatment pads are moisturizing toning pads that contain a Ph of 5.5. These soft fabric pads are 100% biodegradable and contain five superfood ingredients. They have the ability to exfoliate skin while soothing any irritation. They also clean your pores in the process. The solution is similar to a mild toner and provides a moisturizing effect to the skin. Some of the noteworthy ingredients in these pads are Broccoli, eggplant,Tomato, Blueberry, and Moringa. These pads are completely saturated with solution and will certainly provide your skin with a splash of hydration and moisture.

I’ve been using these pads as a follow up after using astringent. They definitely boost my skins moisture levels and leave my skin feeling smooth and soft. The solution is very lightweight and absorbs into my skin fairly quickly. I love that these pads provide a multitude of benefits. They are quick and easy to use and are travel friendly as well. Sometimes I also set the pads in specific areas of my face allowing my skin to better absorb the ingredients. I can definitely see the benefits these pads provide simply by the overall look and feel of my skin. In my opinion these peel pads are perfect for all skin types because they are so gentle. Definitely worth trying out in my opinion. 

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