BH Cosmetics Review ~ Sophia Abraham trying Stellar Lash Mascara

Hey guys it’s me Sophia and today I’m doing a review in the car to finish off my makeup look. I’ll be trying out the BH Cosmetics Stellar Lash Mascara.
🚘 FYI - It’s hard to apply mascara on a very bumpy road!
👁 I just put on a little bit on the top lashes because I don’t want it to get everywhere 😂
👉 I don’t do the bottom lashes… why? I just don’t! 🤷‍♀️
✨ This mascara is not chunky at all which I love!
💯 It is beautiful and gorgeous so I rate it a 10/10! Shout out to BH Cosmetics 💕
Let me know what you think down in the comments!
If you wanna try this mascara, click “I Wanna Try” 😍
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