Best Sun Protection out there (no smells!)

Finding a good SPF ☀ to use on a daily basis is hard. So many sun protection products are greasy and just quite frankly stink so much I never want to wear them. But Nivea has really done a great job with this product. It's not too oily and it's even water resistant. 💕

The spray means you don't end up with tons on your hands afterwards and you can apply it quickly. I did an example in the video for my face but its great for full body coverage and I never leave the house without it on. 

💯Reccomend! Try this and see!

  •  Pleasurable cooling effect that leaves your skin refreshed and silky
  •  100% transparent formula, no white marks
  •  Non-greasy, absorbs quickly
  •  Easy application − sprays without repeated pumping,
    from any angle
  •  Highly effective UVA/UVB protection
  • Water resistant


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  • Jaxgma

    I discovered Niva in the 80s when I lived in Spain and just loved it. I was so glad to see it in the US becoming more widely available.

  • sally peabody

    Unless i am going to the beach I do not usually use a Sunscreen like that. I truly should I live in Florida. My moisturizer has SPF along with my bronzer. This looks very nice i do like Nivea. I think I would prefer it to be a mist. Either way great review and thank you I needed to think more seriously about protecting my face and body from the sun.

  • Angie Henderson

    I would like to try this . I ride a motorcycle and always use sun screen. But its a constant reapplication every hour.

  • Amanda Lingle

    Here is my problem with spf products. I want a 30 or higher and I want it to be a little thicker as I feel it leaves that protection layer on your skin that actually does its job. I dont like any fragrances in it especially if its going on my face. Fragrances on my face for a all day product tend to break me out. I just dont care for the spray products. I feel as though those are to watery and have to be reapplied more often then the creams.