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Best For: Oily + Acne Prone Skin (12 Minute Night Routine) All Natural

In this routine, I'll be sharing the best products for making sure your active acne isn’t irritated due to harsh chemicals present in so-called “effective” products. Instead, most of these products are made of close-to-the-Earth ingredients, and also are ideal if your skin is oily or combination. 
The products I share here are fairly mild--which is important because you don’t want to be using those that are too rich. Rich products tend to clog your pores and could cause excess oil production and acne. 
All in all, this routine leans closer to the natural side where the products are concerned and can take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes! 
Routine Breakdown:
Step 1: Remove Makeup with Andalou Naturals Makeup Wipes ($7 | 2 min)
Step 2: Remove x2 with Grace + Stella Cleansing F Balm. Apply with the applicator, then rinse off. I shared a bit more about this in my recent YouTube video on self-care. ($24 | 2 min)
Step 3: Exfoliate with Lancome Energie de Vie Scrub Mask. Leave on for 4-5 mins, then wash off ($46 | 5 min)
Step 4: Hydrate with the super light, and resh yet relaxing MyClarins Re-Charge Sleep Mask ($27 | 2 min)
Step 5: Apply Trader Joe’s Tea Tree oil on oily areas and active acne areas. In case you were curious, applying this oil on oily areas actually helps since it’s very cooling. I’ve shared my love and addiction for this product so much on Instagram! ($13 | 1 min)
Overall, this should leave you feeling refreshed enough to sleep without your pores feeling clogged, yet relaxed enough to get a good night’s sleep (which is just as essential for good skin).
Do you have oily and acne-prone skin like me? Let me know what your own list of products best for your specific skin needs!

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  • Farrah

    Thanks this is very helpful I'm in my 30s and still get acne🙄

  • Jenn

    Loved your review!!! ❤️ I also have many products that I use from Lancome and really like them!!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Wonderful sounding products and great review.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Most of these products on here sound pretty good except for the tea tree oil because I don't have acne prone skin and oils make me break out. Actually I probably wouldn't use any of these except facial wipes.

  • Melissa Green

    I have always wanted to try that Lancome Energiede Vie scrub...I'm still searching diligently for the best exfoliating scrub. I'll post about it when I find it. ❤❤❤

  • Rachel Lokos

    I love anything Tea tree oil! It leaves me feeling so clean ❤️

  • Danielle

    Nice! I should definitely some of these amazing products!

  • Antonia

    i have oily skin so bad. so this is perfect

  • Brandi Wells

    I love how u gave a detailed review, it kept my attention

  • Christian Brown

    Your review is amazing and I love your pictures. I have dry/sensitive skin but I still think I could probably try out the makeup wipes without irritation. Maybe the cleansing balm would work too since it is a gentle formula. Belif skincare products work great for my skin so far, that is what I use each day with a face brush. The aqua bomb jelly cleanser and the aqua bomb gel moisturizer is amazing! 🥰

  • Pauline

    Listening to you makes me feel better already. Your right I am spending quality time with my cleansing needs. Great video very helpful. Caught your you tube video through following. Just catching up on my followers. Thanks.

  • Tanmaya

    Great review ❤️

  • Jessica Gardner

    Yes OMG my oily skin is the worst. The humidity down south where I live makes the oiliness twice as bad.

  • Alexis C

    Thank you for this post, I am prone to getting acne and at first I only focused on using Clearasil and other salicylic acid products, but I recently tried e.l.f. Holy Hydration Cream and that's really reduced breakouts just by balancing my skin's moisture. I'm definitely going to be looking into the products you mentioned because I'm starting to realize I need to care for my skin as a whole whereas before I was only doing treatments.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Good job on review and I am willing to try some of these products. I do not have acne so I will not try those products.

  • Kate D.

    This is such a good review. It's very thorough! Thank you for sharing this information with us! :) I really like that your skincare routine is so strict. That's the key to achieving results in your skin! Keep up the great work, girl! You look fabulous! :)

  • Caroline Cowart

    That was a great review. Personally I have incredibly oily skin. I usually start off with some sort of clay mask. After I rinse that off I use my 3 step curology routine which consists of a non pore clogging cleanser(after i cleanse i wipe my face with witch hazel toner), a tailored formula meant to treat your specific skin concerns, and then a light gel like moisturizer. About 2xs a week I will use clay or sheets masks. Honestly though I still have very oily skin so I may use some of your suggestions. Thanks for this great information.

  • Bobbi

    This would be great for my Malvikaskin.

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I have oily skin. I have a nightly routine of washing, scrubbing and toner. They are a mess on my dresser! haha

  • Naf

    Very useful information. Haven't tried any of these products yet. I actually have a dry skin so I don't need to worry about oiliness on my face. Though my hair does get oily and so I use a dry shampoo for that.

  • natosha miller

    Thank you for the review. It really has been beneficial as it really helps me understand some wonderful new products that I wish I knew about and could have used, or still can use for reoccurring acne and cleansing for my pores. I always wanted to know more about Tea Tree Oil and glad to hear it really doesn't cause acne or that it would be wrong to apply if you are acne-prone. Most products, it's hard to know if it's ok to apply to your skin or it would cause even worse breakouts. The natural products sound extremely wonderful! I always slove really natural products and those that really help improve the skin over time. I don't have as extreme oily skin as I use too. When I did, what I really hated with oily skin was that after washing so often my skin got even more oily. I found using masks and facial scrubs like even as cheap as St Ives brand really helped. Especially, acne medicated brand cleansers. It did help reduce the oil and during the day using those little tissues like blotting papers to keep from ruining my makeup and removing the oil. However, the shine was my big annoyance when it came to oily skin. Especially being easily able to get acne and feel like I have a deep-fryer on my face, with all that oil. ☺ Though, With regular masks and products for acne and reducing my pores with easily cleansing them twice a day really helps.

  • Ashiah warner

    For my oily skin I like to use neutrogena acne cleanser because there's no over drying. I also use their acne stress toner to help even my skin. Using clean and clear exfoliation scrub to unclog pores and olay regenerist whip moisturizer because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and it has spf in it! Taking care of oily skin can be fun! I like to try and keep water afloat as well.